Chipmunk needs Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later. It is a Universal Binary.
Chipmunk 1.5.4 runs on Mac OS 10.5.
Chipmunk 1.2 runs on Mac OS 10.4.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Chipmunk App Store version

Are the App Store version and the version I can download here different?
They share the same feature set but you can use only one or the other.

Can I crossgrade between those two version?
Unfortunately not. Apple does not give me customer details, so I don’t know if you actually bought the App Store version and cannot give you a license for the downloadable version.

Using Chipmunk
Are the full version and the try-out version I can download different?
No. You don‘t need to download a different disk image to use the full version. Once you buy a registration code you are ready to go.

What restrictions will apply to the unregistered try-out version?
There is a nagging dialog, when you startup the app. After you closed the search window you have to quit.

When Chipmunk is done with the catalogue, a new window opens and it doesn't seem to have found something?
While it is quite possible that you don't have duplicate files it is very unlikely especially if run Chipmunk the first time. Try selecting the harddisk called "/" and work your way up the tree.

How do I get rid of it, when I decide it does not suit my needs?
Downloadable version: Delete the application. Delete the folder ~/Library/Caches/Chipmunk and its contents. (~ means your home folder). If you decide Chipmunk does not fit your needs I would like to hear from you. I wont be angry at you, I promise!
App Store version: Delete it, the App Store will take care of the rest.

Buying and Registering

How do I buy Chipmunk?

Downloadable version: If you click the "Buy Chipmunk at Share*it" link on the buy page I‘ll send you over to the people of who do the financial transaction and send you your registration code on my behalf. Share*it usually sends out the email in a matter of minutes (It‘s all automated).
App Store Version: Just buy it on the App Store.

Any other questions?
Contact me!